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Steuben Education & Training

Learn More Indiana’s College Success Coalition is a network of state and local organizations working to increase education access and success beyond high school across Indiana. Some counties, like Steuben County, have chosen to focus on postsecondary opportunities, guiding an increased number of young students and adults to education beyond high school, resulting in apprenticeships, work skills certifications, military job training, 2– and 4-year degrees by increasing knowledge of financial planning and all available postsecondary opportunities. For more information, go to: www.LearnMoreIndiana.org.

View our state supported webpage by clicking here!

How Can I Help?

Join as a member organization! 

Member organizations include:

  • Local Government
  • Youth Service Organizations
  • Businesses
  • Service Clubs
  • Community Foundations
  • Schools
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Local Media
  • Libraries

By joining, you agree to help students and/or adults take the steps required for career success. Member organizations are asked to conduct just one activity throughout the year that supports a Coalition goal shown above. For example, a business may want to share financial aid information with its employees and their families, supporting goals 1 and 2.

Who should join?

Any group or organization that cares about the well-being of people and the quality of life in Steuben County, Indiana.

Joining is free! Click here for an application.

Please join and help us attain our Steuben County goals. Together, we can help close the gap between the number of qualified workers and the demands of the current and future workforce. Imagine the quality of life in Steuben County when youth and adults are productive citizens and employed in careers of their dreams.