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Workforce task force is forming

KPC News Service

Oct 24, 2017

ANGOLA — The Steuben County Economic Development Corporation has announced that it will be coordinating the Steuben County Workforce Development Kick-off Meeting on Thursday starting at 2 p.m. in Fabiani Theatre at Trine University.

A workforce development task force is being created by the SCEDC due to the large amount of demand by the industries that make up the employment base of Steuben County.

“The purpose of this Workforce Development Task force, a committee of the SCEDC, aims to bring together employer and labor groups to create and promote consensus paths to train the industry’s most important resource: our workforce,” said Isaac Lee, executive director of the SCEDC.

Over the next 10 years, and considering potential growth in the region, the replacement of 5,000 estimated workers will demand the attention of many partners in the county and throughout the region, Lee said. This event will first set the stage of our current workforce demand and the skill sets that those employers need for present day positions.

During the two-hour session, both Indiana Works and Indiana Department of Workforce Development partners will have presentations that continue to bring to light the trends while also showcasing programs that many entities (including the state) that are capable to help bring resources to the issue for Steuben County.

The second portion of the event will include an industry round table that will encourage audience participation. This portion will be designed to better align resources for our county around workforce development.

Beyond Thursday’s event, the SCEDC will be looking for individuals and industries who are passionate about providing better pathways and opportunities for our current residents and future residents (talent attraction) to careers within Steuben County.

The call to action will encourage individuals to participate in future meetings — the next will be in the middle of November — designed to address the objectives below.

• Meet the workforce development needs of the business community now and into the future.

• Develop a consensus path for training the next generation of workers for our industries.

• Determine the causes for the current shortage of workforce and address the impact of the shortages on future growth of our communities.

• Review current methods and resources available for training this new workforce.

• Review the state and awareness of possible opportunities for the new workforce in areas of K-12, dislocated workers, veterans returning to work, and other individuals returning to the workforce.