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PakLab granted abatement for 2012 growth

ORLAND, IND. (May 14, 2013) - The Orland Town Council approved a waiver for Universal Packaging Systems, Inc. (DBA: PakLab), allowing the Chino, California based company to qualify for property tax abatement for investments made in 2012.  PakLab invested nearly $1.3 million in new packaging equipment for the Orland facility and added 40 new jobs in 2012.  The decision was made and equipment installed on a fast pace, to respond to customer demands. 

“The Orland Town Council obviously wants to be a partner with the employers that call Orland home, whether they are local companies like Kain Tool and Lord’s Seed, or a national company like PakLab, the Town Council wants to assure their success.”, according to David Koenig, executive director for the Steuben County Economic Development Corporation.  Adding, “For a community of 435 people, this community has great economic opportunities.”

The waiver of noncompliance approved by the Orland Town Council on May 13th essentially recognizes that not every company is going to contact the town or local development office before investing in facility upgrades or installation of new manufacturing equipment.  What’s important are the new jobs those investments bring to the community and Orland is willing to extend forgiveness and work with employers to get them into compliance for phased in property tax liabilities.

Tammy DeTro, plant manager for the Orland facility expressed appreciation to the town council for working with PakLab.  “We have enjoyed a great relationship with the Town of Orland.  They are part of the team that contributes to our success and we are committed to continue to contribute to Orland’s growth.  The 40 new jobs added in 2012 help the community.  We’re all in this together.”  DeTro also noted that this relationship does not go unnoticed by corporate headquarters.  “Our President, Mario Tomei of the films division and the CFO, Jeff Morlando are aware of what Orland has done for this company.  PakLab has growth opportunities and Orland will be a part of that growth.”, according to DeTro.

Universal Packaging Systems, Inc. operates as a contract manufacturer and packager of fragrance, cosmetic products, and over the counter pharmaceuticals. It provides product development/technical services; filling of personal care, over the counter, and fragrances/alcohol products; and turnkey and secondary assembly services. Universal Packaging Systems, Inc. was founded in 1987 and is based in Chino, California.