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Hamilton students take Manufacturing Day tour

By Dave Kurtz dkurtz@kpcmedia.com

Oct 6, 2018 Updated Oct 6, 2018

HAMILTON — Junior and senior students from Hamilton High School visited a hometown factory Friday as part of nationwide Manufacturing Day.

Triton Metal Products products gave the students tours of its high-tech plant on the town’s west side.

The company promoted a message that jobs with high pay levels are available in manufacturing. A brochure given to students carried the slogan, “College pay without the college debt.”

With 110 employees, Triton is growing at a rate of 20 percent per year, said Shawn Sabins, senior account executive, who guided one of the tour groups.

“We really love to promote from within,” Sabin said, explaining the opportunities for advancement in the company.

Justin McGrew, 22, a quality technician, told the tour group he joined Triton in December and earned a promotion into the quality control department by May.

Inside Triton’s quality-control office, staff members demonstrated a new laser scanner that can measure a part for accuracy in 30 seconds, compared to 30 minutes with previous methods.

Elsewhere in the plant, students saw three laser-cutting machines, one of which can cut steel up to 1 inch thick and another that can cut at a rate of 1,299 inches per minute.

All of Triton’s laser operators have been promoted from within, Sabins said.

On his shirt cuff, Sabins wore the Triton motto of “Minds+Machines.”

The plant processes 200 tons of steel each month, producing parts for a wide variety of applications. At one stop, Sabins showed the students a part that will go into a new model of delivery van.

A focus for Triton this year is streamlining inventory management and bar-coding of its inventory, he said.

“We’re kind of leading the charge in those arenas” among Triton’s industry group, Sabins said.

Triton also gave students an opportunity to take a computerized survey about their personal strengths.