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Fremont approves two new tax abatements

By Ashlee Hoos ahoos@kpcmedia.com

Mar 22, 2019

FREMONT — The Fremont Town Council approved two new tax abatements at its monthly meeting held Tuesday.

Isaac Lee, executive director for the Steuben County Economic Development Corp., spoke on behalf of both abatements, one for Cardinal IG and one for Carver NonWoven.

“It’s a pretty hefty, pretty healthy project,” Lee said.

After Cardinal IG’s expansion project in 2018, the company needs to add additional machinery and equipment to the building, so the abatement is a $3.1 million personal property abatement.

Lee recommended a five-year, 100 percent tax abatement with a total value of around $113,000 over the life of the abatement.

Councilman Craig Adolph thanked Cardinal IG for being such a good employer in the community.

The second abatement, for Miller Waste Mills, was for $1.5 million of personal property, adding new machinery to expand into more of the building.

Unlike the abatement for Cardinal IG, which does not plan to have additional jobs created, the one for Miller will create 10 additional jobs.

At Lee’s recommendation, a four-year, 100 percent abatement was approved.

The council also found Cardinal IG, Fremont Plastics and New Horizons Baking in compliance for tax abatements already issued for various projects.

“Each year, each tax abatement recipient is required to submit a CF-1 for their project,” said town Judge Chris Snyder.

Companies have until early May to get their paperwork in for compliance approval.

A quick update from James Smith of Republic Services on trash and recycling showed that in 2018 Fremont had 716 tons of trash picked up and 108 tons of recycling.

Smith also brought up information about recycling contamination, reminding people that recyclables should be empty, clean and dry before they’re put in the tub to be picked up for recycling.

He encouraged people to visit recyclingsimplified.com for more information on how to properly recycle.