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Core Industries

Steuben County has a diverse local economy that enjoys a significant impact from education, health care, tourism, transportation/logistics and manufacturing, with growing information technology and renewable energy industry sectors.


 With over 100 industrial firms located in Steuben County, the manufacturing base is strong and diverse including:

Emerging Industry Sectors

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Biomedical & Life Sciences
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Renewable/Alternative Energy


Trine University is a growing private, not-for-profit, educational institution with particular strengths in engineering, technology, education and business. With the enrollment of over 3,500 system-wide, Trine University maintains administration, faculty and support services employment in the community. (www.trine.edu)


Cameron Memorial Community Hospital is the independent, private hospital that serves the greater Steuben County community. Employment at Cameron, as well as private practice and Parkview and Lutheran health care systems, make health care a significant employment sector in the community. (www.cameronmch.com)


Steuben County has enjoyed a steady and growing tourist trade since Midwesterners discovered the disposable incomes to support a little recreation. The natural lakes of Steuben County became attractions for nearby city-dwellers in the late 19th Century, and have only grown in popularity over the years. Over 21 percent of Steuben County residents are employed in retail, accommodations and food service sectors. The City of Angola has evolved to become a regional hub for national retail brands, while local shops, galleries, and restaurants can be found throughout the county. (www.lakes101.org)